Hydril Pressure Control

Hydril Pressure Control designs, manufactures and markets world-class pressure control products that have endured the harshest conditions in the drilling industry since 1933.

The annular blowout preventer. The first hydraulically operated blowout preventer (BOP), and a history of record setting and market-changing technologies that reaches back to 1933. At Hydril Pressure Control, we work to increase the world's energy potential, and we do so by designing, manufacturing and marketing the tools and technologies that protect both the environment and oilfield personnel.

Wherever drilling meets high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) extremes, the biggest names in the business rely on Hydril Pressure Control. Our shallow-to-medium depth, piloted subsea systems and high-quality surface BOP control units make easy work of demanding applications in extreme environments. And in the critical deepwater environment, the Hydril Deepwater Drilling System repeatedly sets benchmarks for reliability and time spent on bottom.

Our Pressure Control product line includes annular BOPs, ram BOPs, drilling control systems, diverters, choke valves, drill stem valves, drop-in check valves, pulsation dampeners and elastomer products.