GE Oil & Gas offers a large portfolio of highly reliable Nuovo Pignone machinery and equipment for all segments of the oil & gas industry. With a global installed base of more than 20,000 units from production through transportation and processing into finished products, Nuovo Pignone is one of the industry's major suppliers of turbomachinery, compressors, pumps, static equipment and metering systems.


All of our products are backed by value added services including parts, repairs, upgrades, life extensions, contractual service agreements, intelligent monitoring and diagnostics and plant-wide extended scope service agreements to keep plants operating at peak performance.

Test capabilities

Our extensive test facilities range from laboratory test stands for the verification of new computational codes and advanced component designs, to very large, fully instrumented facilities for full load string tests of large turbocompressors replicating site conditions. A digital "Virtual Witness Program" is available to allow customers to witness tests from the convenience of their own facilities.

Our world-class application leadership experience includes equipment, design integration services, and full turnkey systems for:
  • Re-injection for enhanced oil recovery
  • Gas gathering
  • Pipeline transportation
  • LNG plant compression systems
  • Refinery conversion units and process islands
  • Processing plants (fertilizers, petrochemicals, plastics)
  • Industrial & municipal power generation
  • GTL
Quality System

Nuovo Pignone is committed to providing customers with the highest quality offerings, unparalleled customer service, and responsiveness. This commitment is driven through a Quality Management System that integrates the GE Six Sigma methodology with ISO 9001 quality standards.