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GE Oil & Gas offers VetcoGray equipment and services for onshore and offshore drilling and production. With over a century of experience in the oil and gas industry, VetcoGray can offer, through a single interface, customized or standardized solutions to meet the needs of any drilling and production project from concept to full production. The product offering covers the spectrum from single well onshore drilling projects to multiple well deepwater facilities and subsea production systems.

Products, Systems & Services

Capital Drilling Equipment
The VetcoGray Capital Drilling Group is one of the market leaders in providing capital drilling equipment for offshore drilling rigs. Our simple, reliable equipment is used in deepwater drilling operations throughout the world. We also maintain a global system of maintenance and repair facilities to help customers maintain our equipment in a safe and effective condition.

Floating Production Systems
VetcoGray's Floating Production Systems encompasses the supply of products and services for various forms of floating production platforms, e.g. TLPs, Spars, hybrid riser towers, etc. VetcoGray has a long and distinguished track record in this business from the world's first TLP (Hutton) in the early 1980's to pioneering innovations to support tomorrow's ultra-deep developments such as the Shell Perdido Spar in the GOM. VetcoGray is on the forefront of the industry in the design and qualification of the next phase of High Pressure High Temperature production and drilling systems, for global applications.

Surface Drilling and Completion Systems
VetcoGray's Surface Drilling and Completion Systems offers a complete line of Surface Wellhead and Flow Control products that range from simple commodity Wellheads to highly engineered and complex Wellhead and Flow Control systems for the most demanding of service applications. With significant technical, commercial, and manufacturing resources, VetcoGray can engineer, manage and deliver surface field developments (both onshore and offshore) from concept through to field life.

Subsea Drilling Systems
VetcoGray is one of the worlds leading suppliers of Subsea Wellheads, supplying almost half of the world's demand. Over the past 30 years VetcoGray has excelled in this market, as water depths have reached 10,000 FT and target drilling depths have become greater than 30,000 FT. We continue to meet these extreme requirements with field proven metal-to-metal sealing technology, robust running tool designs and a worldwide ability to support our customers' local drilling operations, ensuring reliability on the sea floor.

Subsea Production Systems
Providing the highest level of system integration, we offer a global single-source for any size subsea development, whether tied back to a platform or a long step out. A typical solution, designed to optimize productivity, comprises sea bed infrastructure including trees, control modules, manifolds and connection systems, orchestrated by a surface control station. This is complemented by a suite of subsea power and processing solutions designed to enhance subsea production.

VetcoGray delivers a fully integrated aftermarket capability to the upstream oil and gas industry, offshore and onshore, for the application, management, and care of drilling and production equipment, process facilities and platform topside systems.

From initial delivery and installation to field operations and decommissioning, the scope of VetcoGray's aftermarket services includes one-off tasks, specific projects and field-life support.