Waukesha 275GL+ Gas Engine

as uncompromising as
the environment it’s built for

Introducing GE’s Waukesha 275GL*+, the most efficient,
powerful, fuel-flexible natural gas engine in its class.

No Trade-Offs

See how the 275GL+ was designed inside and out to deliver peak performance with no trade-offs.

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Across the board, the 275GL+ sets a new standard.

No matter how you measure performance, the 275GL+ represents the most advanced generation of high-horsepower lean-burn engines. With the 275GL+ there are no tradeoffs. There’s no choosing between power and low emissions, or between fuel efficiency and fuel flexibility. The 275GL+ excels across the board.

Maximum fuel flexibility

More power in more unconventional gas applications, including full-load down to 600 Btu/ft3 and operation up to 2300 Btu/ft3.

The power you need when it counts the most

The 275GL+ delivers superior power output and efficiency that directly impact the bottom line. The 16-cylinder model is rated 4835 bhp (3605 kWb), with the 12-cylinder version rated 3625 bhp (2720 kWb).

Fewer greenhouse gases

The 275GL+ and its fuel-efficiency advantage provide low unburned methane—a greenhouse gas that has 21 times the effect of CO2—minimizing its carbon footprint and effect on the environment.

Control systems for quick starts and longer run time

The Engine System Manager (ESM) dramatically reduces on-site setup time and requirements, saving days on commissioning and adding years to engine life.

Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to building innovative solutions for today’s environmental challenges. The 275GL+ meets this commitment with industry-leading emissions levels, efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. Learn more.

a product of ecomagination

No matter how you assess performance, the 275GL+ challenges convention.

See how

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