MapFrame Mobile Solutions

GE Energy’s MapFrame* Mobile Solutions are a combination of mobile mapping applications and field automation processes. Powerful FieldSmart* software moves GIS, map and facility data out of the office into the field, mobilizing your workforce and streamlining tasks - such as inspections, audit and design - all within a single viewing package.

More demands than ever are being placed on a field workforce made up of fewer people. Work needs to be performed swiftly and accurately. We understand the needs of your field workforce and the restrictions of today’s economic environment. MapFrame solutions:

  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of field-based work through a map-centric approach
  • Ensure field user acceptance with a fast, simple, intuitive user experience
  • Eliminate dependency on network connectivity to perform work with powerful compression technology that allows data for the entire service territory to reside on the mobile device
  • Create ROI in just months by delivering powerful, reliable solutions that transform the field into a center of business enhancement

MapFrame solutions automate all field-based work through a map-based interface, including:

  • Pole Audits, Storm Damage Assessment, Vegetation Management and other Asset Inspections for Electric Utilities
  • Gas Leak Survey, Valve Maintenance, Cathodic Protection and other Code Compliance and Pipeline Integrity Inspections for Gas Utilities