Smallworld Maintenance and Support

GE’s expanding portfolio of products and the changing needs of our customers demand a new approach to maintenance and support for software. Customers differ greatly from one another in the services, technical assistance, and specific problem resolution they require, and customer size and product portfolio render each user’s environment unique. In response, GE has developed graduated levels of maintenance to offer flexibility to each direct customer for support, upgrades, and services through the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Levels.

The Bronze Level is the standard set of services offered for annual maintenance that most customers are familiar with or currently have. All Bronze Level services are provided to all maintenance customers, and each successive level adds more features to the package.

The advanced Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages each offer increasing levels of premium services such as training, site visits, technical programming and guidance, and conference admissions—as well as other benefits specific to each package.

Read more in our Maintenance and Support brochure (348KB PDF)

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