Metering At Its Best

GE's family of meters goes beyond meeting your complex business challenges. The advanced, powerful and easy-to-use meters give you an extra edge in the energy business. With the lines between utility, industrial and commercial metering disappearing, our meters offer solutions beyond revenue metering. You can look forward to real-time instrumentation, power quality monitoring and accessing critical information. All these add up to give you higher productivity, improved efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Service Directory

Utility Revenue Meters

Revenue-grade and mechanical watt-hour meters are just some of the products offered in this category that provide high accuracy, reliability and cost savings. Versatile and sturdy, the utility revenue meters also provide critical information about your customer's electrical usage patterns.

AMR Meters

Automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions play an important role in a utility's challenge of maximizing the quality of service it provides to its customers while minimizing its costs. GE offers its I-70, I-210 and kV2c meters, factory equipped with a variety of AMR modules, giving the utility a choice of GE meters compatible with its AMR system of choice.

Meter Accessories

The self-contained modular systems offered in this category of meters have simple and user-friendly installation. All components of the meters UL-listed.

MeterMate™ Software

The task of generating a program for electronic meters can be a complicated one. GEs MeterMate™ program creation software is easy to use and makes the job of creating and maintaining programs for electronic meters simple. With MeterMate's smart programming, one program replaces hundreds of programs needed when using competitive software.

Legacy Meters

GE has several meter products that are no longer offered for commercial sale. For the convenience of those customers that own and maintain any of these legacy meters, information on those meters and their functionality can be obtained here.

Industrial/Commercial Meters

Our comprehensive range of meters for industrial and commercial use provides metering solutions that include access to critical information, reduced energy costs and increased productivity. In today's deregulated environment, you can leverage this information to negotiate competitive agreements with utility suppliers.