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Hy-Bute-60® Instrument Transformers - Your Foundation for Superior Metering and Protection

GE has been in the Instrument Transformer business for decades. The distinguishing feature in the GE product line is its Hy-Bute insulation. The Hy-Bute-60 molded insulation has been proven to be a steady and reliable technology. While other insulation materials have come and gone, GE's Hy-Bute-60 molded butyl has become the standard for durability by which all others are measured. Our timeless durability results in a lower total cost of ownership for our customers.

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Accubute High Accuracy Transformers

High accuracy can pay for itself through inventory reduction and improved billing accuracy. Since 1991, customers have been able to profit from GE Accubute® 0.15 accuracy, and leadership. Fifteen years later, IEEE C57.13.6-2005, Standard for High-Accuracy Instrument Transformers was issued.

Substation Grade Super-Accubute

Dry-type transformers lower life-cycle costs because they eliminate oil monitoring and leakage. Hy-Bute 60 is also your best choice to reduce breakage, vandalism, and damage from flashover. Did you know many of our classic Super-Bute® models are available with Accubute® accuracy?

Indoor and Outdoor Hy-Bute-60 VTs and CTs

The large selection of 600V through 69kV, revenue metering instrument transformers in our catalog is a small part of what offer. We can permanently capture your special ratio, testing, documentation and shipping requirements on your own unique catalog number, which saves time and improves accuracy on every order.