MeterMate™ Software

The task of generating a program for electronic meters can be a complicated one. GE's MeterMate™ program creation software is easy to use and makes the job of creating and maintaining programs for electronic meters simple. With MeterMate's smart programming, one program replaces hundreds of programs needed when using competitive software. MeterMate is also the communications link to GE kV family of meters (kV, kVs, kVe, and kV2) and Encompass Family of Meters (kV2c ,kV2c+). It provides local OPTOCOM, remote telephone, and RS-232/485 communications from your PC to your kV meters. MeterMate Load Profile (MMLp), an optional software extension, provides analysis of load profile data.

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Features and Benefits

  • Software Security - flexibility to uniquely define and restrict capabilities of each user.
  • Meter Security - MeterMate Program Creation software allows full control of all meters with OPTOCOM security codes.
  • Meter Reconfiguration - changes a kV meter's configuration without reprogramming.
  • Real Time Data - provides real time monitoring of voltage, current, power, and phasor diagram.
  • Test Mode Access - use MeterMate to enter and exit the test mode without breaking seals or removing covers.
  • Full support for the kV2/kV2c/kV2c+ Multifunction meter.
  • Display Label Editor - Define labels and messages to take advantage of the kV2/kV2c's alphanumeric display.
  • 53ESS ERT Option Editor: This editor allows creating configuration setting for 53ESS ERT Option board.