I-210™ Electronic Singlephase Meter

I-210 Electronic Singlephase meter

Compatible Design

The I-210 metering performance meets or exceeds ANSI industry standards with 50 or 60 Hz models available to operate at 120vac and 240vac for Class 20, Class 100, Class 200 and Class 320 socket based residential or commercial installations. It is designed to be compatible with new or existing socket based singlephase residential or commercial metering installations. The advanced electronic design offers superior accuracy and performance advantages over electromechanical meter.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliability - Unique simplified sensor design and mechanical construction; no welded joints in terminal blades
  • Low starting watts - Captures energy consumption at levels not registered by electromechanical meters
  • Low burden - Minimizes utility system lo
  • sses
  • Tamper-resistant design - Minimizes theft of service. Programmable to register energy when meter inverted
  • Large easy to read LCD display - Minimizes reading errors
  • Boosts operational efficiency - Factory programming minimizes handling
  • Inventory management - Compatible with existing I-70 cover stock