V2 Rig Floor Display

The Sondex V2 MWD Rig Floor Display is a self-contained fully functional computer with touch-screen control for use with WellTracer and Pilot.


The V2 RFD operates on Windows based BSTerm proprietary software and functions as the MWD Surface System master. The unit acquires and decodes downhole data from either the WellTracer vertical monitoring tool or the Pilot MWD tool via a cable connection to the standpipe pressure transducer. The V2 RFD touch-screen interface and Wireless two-way communication with the MWD Engineer’s lap-top computer provide alternate means for effective data monitoring and data management.


  • Touch-screen interface provides visual display and operator control capability.
  • Flip screen cover, back lit display offers crisp visible full-colour LCD graphics in most rig floor environments.
  • Wireless two-way communications ensure effective data monitoring and data management directly on the drill floor or from a remote lap-top.
  • Rugged design provides reliability and resistance to transit damage.
  • Compact design allows safe location at the driller's console without requirement for additional protection.

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