Directional Sensor

The Geolink Directional Sensor is a robust and compact survey instrument which provides highly accurate measurements of Azimuth, Inclination and Tool Face from the well bore.


The Geolink Directional Sensor provides measurements for borehole direction and angle using Tri-axial Flux Gate Magnetometers and Q-Flex type Accelerometer packages respectively. A built in temperature sensor enables appropriate corrections to be made to these measurements. Tool face readings can be obtained from either the magnetometer or the accelerometer packages according to borehole angle and/or operator choice. Local magnetic and gravity field values are recorded for survey quality control purposes.

  • Industry Leading Instrument Accuracy
  • Robust and Highly Reliable
  • Sondex Drilling Division proprietary technology, manufactured in the UK
  • Compatible with all Geolink MWD Systems
  • Available in both Standard and Slim-hole sizes

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