Plenum Pulse and Pulse-Jet bag Top and Bottom designs

Virtually Any Style of Filter Bag

Typical baghouses have cylindrical bags hanging vertically in the unit, representing a critical component of operation. Filter fabric and bag design should be designed for maximum filtration efficiency, dustcake release, and durability.

Plenum Pulse and Pulse-Jet bag top and bottom designs

Pulse-jet and plenum pulse baghouses collect dust on the outside of the filter. Dust-laden gas floods the baghouse, and clean air exits through the inside of the bag while the dust particles collect on the outside filter surface.

A support cage prevents bag collapse during filtration and aids in the re-distribution and cleaning of the dustcake. A wide variety of filter bags can be manufactured to meet specific application needs.

1.  The Snapband Cuff was developed to improve sealing efficiency. GE offers snapband cuff bags with double-beaded gasket to fit the following tubesheet styles:
  • plasma cut
  • punch cut
  • laser cut
  • extruded lip
  • some collared tubesheets
2. Flange Top bags have a donut-shaped piece of fabric, which is sewn to the top of the filter bag and forms a seal when compressed between the tubesheet and the cage top.

3. Ring Top bags have rings sewn in the flange.

4. Sleeve Top is a separate piece of fabric sewn onto the bag body so that it extends beyond the bag body. These are used in lieu of a raw edge to prevent puckering when folding the bag into the cage.

5. Hem Top woven glass bags are folded back and sewn to avoid unraveling.

6. Raw Edge felt bags have an unhemmed open end.

Disc Bottom bags have a round or oval enclosure attached to the bag body, using an overlock stitch on felts and lock stitch on wovens. Two-ply discs are traditionally sewn to woven glass bags.

A Tuffskirt is a separate piece of fabric sewn around the bag body with a portion of the fabric extending below the disc to help protect it from wear and inlet abrasion.

A Wearstrip is a separate piece of fabric sewn around the bag body. This fabric piece helps prevent bag-to-bag and bag-to-cage abrasion.

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