D20 ME High Performance Processor

Faster Processing & Communication

The D20 ME provides a high-performance processor for the ever-increasing complexity of D20 and D200 systems. The D20 ME increases overall performance by 2½ times over the D20 M++, resulting in faster I/O processing and communication port speed. It now includes Flash memory for application code loads, replacing the need to program and manage the EPROMs used on previous D20 M processors.

Features & Benefits

  • Two D.20 link ports for D20 peripherals
  • Dedicated maintenance port
  • Ethernet compatibility
  • Large library of protocol and substation automation applications
  • Seven RS-232 communication ports
  • Aggregate serial data rate of 500 kbps
  • 2 MB application memory
  • High-accuracy TCXO clock standard
  • Compatible with GE’s large protocol and application library
  • VME and non-VME versions available

The D20 ME offers:

  • Faster communication between master and slave devices
  • Downloadable code eliminates the need to program firmware into EPROMs
  • Reduces the number of processor boards required in complex systems
  • Easily integrated into existing systems
  • Compatible with existing D20 application firmware and configurations
  • Powerful engine for single-node Ethernet solutions

Software applications:

  • Submaster to IEDs
  • LogicLinx® soft PLC application
  • Calculator logic programs
  • Data display panel
  • Redundancy applications
  • Volt/VAR control
  • Transformer load balancing

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