Software & UI Interface Packages

Enhanced System Reliability & Safety

From our ever-growing library of automation, supervisory control and data acquisition and communications software and user interfaces, we can tailor solutions to integrate functions within your transmission and distribution system to meet your unique monitoring and control needs. You’ll know what is happening at every point on your network and be able to act quickly to keep everything running smoothly. Our products help you improve the quality of service with enhanced system reliability and safety, reduce the frequency of outages by identifying problems before equipment fails and restore service faster by pinpointing faults and improving response times with better alarms, indications and diagnostics.

Software & User Interface Packages

Automatic Voltage Control

Automatic voltage control provides a complete solution for monitoring and controlling busbars, transformers and tertiary reactors.

Data Display Panel

Data display panels provide an economical means to display digital and analog input points of D20, D200 or D25 devices.

Digital Fault Recorder

The Digital Fault Recorder system, based on the D25 and integrated Substation Control System, is an effective way to accurately record and analyze substation events while avoiding the excessive added costs of standalone digital fault recorders.


The integrated Substation Control System (iSCS) helps cost-conscious electrical utilities improve quality of service, reduce operational and maintenance costs and defer capital expenditures.


Using any or all of the IEC 61131-3 programming languages available in the LogicLinx editor, you can create, edit, compile, debug, document and monitor multiple applications within a project right from your desktop.

PowerLink & PowerLink Advantage

PowerLink is a full-featured, Web-enabled, local substation graphical user interface or PC-based electric utility small master station. It gathers all of the data from your substations, including IEDs, consolidates it into a single platform and transforms the data into graphic, alarm and dynamic text displays. PowerLink Advantage is the next generation of our popular PowerLink graphical user interface package.

Power Quality

The Power Quality system provides detailed power delivery, load monitoring and revenue metering information so operators can make the right decisions to fulfill any performance guarantees you may have with your customers.


To meet the growing popularity of the international standard protocol suite UCA® 2.0/IEC® 61850, BASE (Basic Application Service Exposure) offers a PC-based client application dedicated to collecting data directly from multiple intelligent electronic devices.

Virtual Connection

A Virtual Connection is a vital component of a fully integrated substation automation system and open local or wide area network solution. It enables remote access for system maintenance, configuration and data retrieval for any GE device or other vendor’s IEDs.

UCA® is a trademark claimed by Electric Power Research Institute, Inc., which is not affiliated with GE. IEC® is a trademark claimed by Commission Electrotechnique Internationale, which is not affiliated with GE.