Integrated Substation Control System

Scalable, Economical Fault Analysis

The integrated Substation Control System (iSCS) helps cost-conscious electrical utilities improve quality of service, reduce operational and maintenance costs and defer capital expenditures. Automating your substation with an iSCS can radically improve your bottom line.

Features & Benefits

An iSCS can help you improve the power quality of your system. It can correct system problems as needed, enhance system reliability and safety and monitor the status of all station primary equipment, protection and control devices. The system can also help you reduce customer outages by implementing fault detection, auto-sectionalizing, auto-restoration and other advanced automation applications unique to your requirements.

Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs

You can realize significant savings in operating and maintenance costs through remote access to our iSCS. Predictive maintenance, Volt/VAR control, self-diagnostic programs, substation automation programs and integration of all substation data into one common database with Web-enabled remote access all help you reduce costs.

Deferred Capital Expenditures

Your utility can reduce capital equipment spending by implementing transformer and feeder load balancing, and defer equipment upgrades with tighter system control. Better equipment monitoring can extend the economic life and capacity of your primary equipment. You can reduce capital costs with more integration of functions. The iSCS can also eliminate redundant equipment, panels, displays and switches by implementing a local user interface.

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