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GEs highly trained and experienced technicians can repair your equipment on-site or in one of our Service Centers worldwide. We offer you online convenience to:
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GE provides in-shop and on-site repair services for compressors from any OEM. Your benefits include extended component life, enhanced component reliability, advanced repair technology and OEM quality.

Gas Turbine – Heavy-Duty
GE's maintenance program is efficiently designed to solve concerns faced by equipment operators pertaining to cost and unit availability.

Gas Turbine – Aeroderivative
We offer state-of-the-art component repairs and upgrades to support the worldwide fleet of GE-designed aeroderivative turbines.

We provide engineered solutions for generators from multiple OEMs. Services are available on-site in your power plant, or at one of our Generator "Centers of Excellence" worldwide.

For a variety of our mechanical equipment such as centrifuges, fans and blowers, pumps, compressors, gear boxes and refiners, we offer a full range of highly experienced services.

For more than 30 years, GE has been providing quality AC and DC electric motor services and repair solutions.

On-Site Machining
We have a highly skilled on-site services team to look after your on-site machining and welding requirements.

Refurbished Parts
GE has a very flexible refurbished parts program, which can give you various profitable options when your equipment needs repair.

Steam Turbine
Our turbine engineers have been continuously developing advanced technologies to enhance the performance of your steam turbines.

GE offers a full range of switchgear services – including repairs, conversions, modifications and uprates – to extend the life of your switchgear equipment.

We can provide expert on-site and in-shop testing, repair, modernization and upgrade services for transformers from any OEM.

We repair turboexpander equipment and component parts including those of other OEMs. We can provide repairs and complete overhauls at your site or at our service centers in Los Angeles, Houston and Singapore.