On-Site Machining Services

On-Site Machining Services

Reduce Downtime and Lower Costs

When you need on-site service, GE is ready with our experienced, highly skilled on-site services team specializing in on-site machining and welding services for turbines, generators, and other mechanical equipment. On-site machining eliminates the potential damage associated with moving your equipment, reduces downtime and lowers costs.

Our large portable tooling inventory includes lathes, flange facers, boring bars, mills, drills, grinders, optical and laser inspection tools, and more. GE's on-site services team is experienced with all aspects of planning and executing on-site operations, and our global orientation makes shipping portable equipment anywhere in the world.


Gas and Steam Turbine Services

GE has the unmatched experience of servicing turbines for more than 70 years. We can perform both in-shop and on-site services for your turbines from any OEM. Here is a comprehensive list of components and equipment that we service:

Advanced Technologies
Our turbine engineers have developed advanced service technologies to enhance the performance of your steam turbines. These advanced processes include:

Other Mechanical Equipment
GE's on-site machining services are available for large mechanical equipment in a wide range of industries, including mining, pulp and paper and petrochemical. Our in-house engineering staff has over 50 years of combined experience on a variety of equipment, and our huge inventory of portable lathes, mills and grinders is adaptable for all types of machining work. Our on-site capabilities include:
  • Large mechanical repairs
  • Optical inspections
  • Coal pulverizer repair and alignment
  • Rock crusher flange machining and alignment
  • Rod and ball mill flange machining and alignment
  • Paper roll machining
  • Gear box alignment
  • Stacker reclaimer repair
  • Pump and compressor machining and repair
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