Skillful Assessment

Repair of the rotor assembly requires the greatest skill and expertise of any subsystem in a steam turbine, from rigging to individual bucket repair operations, and the risks associated with poor service are significant. GE's service centers have qualified experts to service your steam turbine rotor. You can rely on our experienced specialists to determine the appropriate scope of work and complete quality repairs.


  • Comprehensive inspection and repair recommendations
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Dimensional inspections
  • Diaphragm/bucket area check
  • Bore sonic test
  • Wheel sonic test

Services and Repairs

  • Rotor machining - On-Site or In-Shop
    - Dovetail machining/enhancement
    - Journal refinishing
    - In-place journal machining
    - Thrust runner refinishing
    - Packing and/or oil deflector fit machining
    - Bore plug removal and replacement
  • Dynamic balance
    - Low speed balance - On-Site or In-Shop
    2-Bearing rotor
    Single stub shaft
    Double stub shaft
    Check or "yellow weight" balance
    - High speed balance
  • Turbine and Generator Rotor Welding
    - Dovetail repair
    Conventional weld build-up
    Dovetail forging attachment
    - Shaft Diameter Weld Repairs
    Packing areas
    - Stub Shaft Weld
    Conventional weld build-up
  • Rotor unstack/restack
  • Shaft metallizing
  • Coupling repair/modifications
    - Restore rabbet fit
    - Line bore and machine bolts to fit
    - Mirror bore and machine bolts to fit

For More Information

For a detailed service description, click the following links: Find a service center that performs Steam Turbine services

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