Problem Diagnosis and Optimum Solutions

GE provides repairs and upgrades for your valves and valve components. We can also provide re-engineering and precision manufacturing of valves from other manufacturers.

  • Comprehensive inspection and repair recommendations
  • Complete non-destructive testing
  • Valve lift checks
  • Valve stand / pressure seal head repairs
  • Valve stem replacement
  • Valve stem bushing replacement
  • Valve disc repairs
  • Bypass valve repair
  • Strainer inspection and screen replacement
  • Valve seat replacement
  • Cams and shafts
  • Valve casings
  • Control valve rack inspection and repair
  • Stellite® hard-facing weld repair
    - Restore valve disc stellited surface
    - Restore valve seat stellited surface
    - Restore bypass valve skirt
Repairs all valve types, including
  • Main stop valve
  • Trip throttle valve (Industrial Units)
  • Shell-mounted control valve
  • Separate mounted control valve
  • Control valve rack assembly (Industrial units)
  • Intercept valve separate or shell-mounted
  • Reheat valve, disc or flapper type
  • Combined reheat valve
  • Ventilator valve
  • Blowdown valve
  • Equalizer valve
  • Grid valve (Industrial units)
  • Main stop valve bypass valve conversion for SPE resistance
    - Convert standard skirted bypass valve to shallow skirt
    - Convert stop valve cap to angled slot design
    - Coat valve stem with Diamond Tuff™ HVOF coating
    - Full Arc / Partial Arc conversions
Benefits of Bypass Valve Conversion
  • Reduces frequency of bypass valve repairs
  • Extends interval between valve outages
  • Decreases risk of stem damage caused by Solid Particle Erosion (SPE)

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For a detailed service description, click the following link: Find a service center that performs Steam Turbine services

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